New DCU Every DC Movie & TV Show Announced

During a special presentation, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn announced the first chapter of the DCU reboot, which includes 11 projects such as Superman: Legacy, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, The Brave and the Bold, and more. The slate includes a Superman reboot, a Batman and Damian Wayne team-up film, and many more.

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Study Reveals New Insights into Dwarf Planet Eris’ Internal Structure

A recent study by astronomers at the University of California Santa Cruz has shed light on the internal structure of Eris, a dwarf planet located in the Kuiper Belt. The researchers used data from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft and found that Eris likely has a rocky core surrounded by a layer of water ice. This study provides valuable information about the composition and formation of dwarf planets in our solar system.


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