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NASA spacecraft captures green lightning bolt on Jupiter

A NASA spacecraft captured the eerie green lightning bolt inside one of the many vortices near Jupiter's north pole. The lightning was recorded by the ultraviolet spectrograph on NASA's Juno probe during a flyby of Jupiter on the 27th of December. The green color may be due to the planet's composition, with sulfur and ammonia thought to mix to create the hue.

NASA spacecraft captures green lightning bolt on Jupiter
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NASA’s Juno space probe captured footage of a green lightning bolt inside one of Jupiter’s vortices near the planet’s north pole during a flyby in December 2018. The footage was captured by the ultraviolet spectrograph on Juno and shows that the lightning bolt was a bright green color. Scientists theorize that the green hue may be due to the presence of sulfur and ammonia in Jupiter’s atmosphere. This rare occurrence is the first time that a lightning bolt has been observed at the gas giant’s north pole.

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