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The Sweet Feed Debate Does Cutting it Out Really Help Horse Ulcers?

Many horses develop ulcers over the course of their lifetime. While there are lots of ways to assist in ulcer healing or prevent recurrence, one of the most common piece of advice traded between horse owners is 'cut out the sweet feed.' But is that a...

The Sweet Feed Debate Does Cutting it Out Really Help Horse Ulcers?
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According to a recent article in The Horse, cutting out sweet feed may not have as direct an impact on the development or healing of ulcers in horses as previously thought. While horses may become more prone to ulcers when consuming large amounts of sugar, there are a number of other factors that can contribute to ulcer development and recurrence. These include stress, management changes and a diet low in forage. It is important for owners to work with their veterinarian in developing a holistic approach to supporting their horse’s digestive health, rather than relying on a simple fix.

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