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Hammerhead Sharks Dive Deep to Catch Prey

Hammerhead sharks dive more than half a mile below the ocean's surface to find and catch prey. And they hold their breath while they do it, according to researchers, who say the discovery—the first time the behavior has been witnessed in fish—came as a surprise.

Hammerhead Sharks Dive Deep to Catch Prey
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Researchers have discovered that hammerhead sharks can dive more than half a mile below the ocean’s surface to catch their prey. This behavior has never been witnessed before in fish and was a surprise for the researchers. Not only do they dive deep, but they also hold their breath while doing so. This new information can help researchers better understand these elusive creatures and how to protect them. Hammerhead sharks have seen a decline in their population due to overfishing and habitat loss. Knowing their behavior can help conservation efforts to ensure their survival for future generations.

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