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GTA Online players face vehicle sale restrictions to combat exploits

In the fast-paced virtual world of GTA Online, one of the most sought-after assets is the formidable arsenal of Warstock vehicles. While these machines of destruction can provide players with a distinct advantage in the game, what happens when a player exploits the system and duplicates or sells these powerful vehicles for illicit profit? To combat these exploits, Rockstar Games is implementing restrictions on the sale of Warstock vehicles in the game.

GTA Online players face vehicle sale restrictions to combat exploits
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Rockstar Games has implemented sale restrictions on Warstock vehicles in GTA Online to combat player exploits. While these vehicles are powerful assets in the game, players have exploited the system by duplicating and selling them for illicit profit. The new restrictions limit the sale of these vehicles to once per GTA in-game day (roughly 48 real-time minutes), and players must own the vehicle for at least a week before selling it. These measures aim to keep the in-game economy fair and discouraging illicit activities.

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