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The Dark Side of AI Advancements

AI advancements are being used to fuel disinformation and political divisions, with authoritarian governments creating fake news outlets to further their goals. Recently, AI-generated images convinced some individuals that a popular Japanese c...

The Dark Side of AI Advancements
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements are proving to be a double-edged sword. While they have helped revolutionize several industries and make tasks more efficient, they are also fueling disinformation and political divisions. Authoritarian governments are creating seemingly realistic news broadcasters to advance their political goals. Last month, AI-generated images convinced some individuals that a popular Japanese celebrity was involved in a sex scandal, causing significant backlash. In addition, AI-generated deepfake videos are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it hard for people to distinguish between real and fake. These concerns have sparked discussions on the need for regulating the use of AI in news and social media. As AI continues to evolve, it is crucial to ensure that it is not used to manipulate information or impact people’s beliefs.

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