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Unlocking the Potential of RAW Format in Photography

RAW is an uncompressed, lossless image format that records all the information that the sensor captures. It is during post-processing and fine-tuning of images that we see how the potential of RAW files can be realised.

Unlocking the Potential of RAW Format in Photography
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The two main formats a camera captures are JPG (or JPEG) and RAW. The RAW file retains all the uncompressed data captured by the camera sensor to produce a viewable image. This helps while shooting in low-light conditions. RAWs help in recovering highlights and shadows in post-processing without pixelating or introducing noise/grains in the images. JPG images are easier and faster to upload and share via email, etc., as timing is of the essence. RAW is ideal for portraits, still-life and fashion shoots, for both hobbyists and professionals. Ultimately, a RAW file gives you the greatest bandwidth for creative freedom in image editing.

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