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Earthquake Predictions in Turkey and Syria

A series of devastating earthquakes last week in Turkey and Syria have claimed over 35,000 lives, and Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets had apparently predicted the quakes in both countries three days prior. His tweet has now gone viral on social media, with a warning that the Indian subcontinent may be next.

Earthquake Predictions in Turkey and Syria
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Last week, a series of devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have caused extensive damage and claimed over 35,000 lives. Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets had apparently predicted the quakes in both countries three days prior, and his tweet has gone viral on social media. His post warns people in the Indian subcontinent that the region may be next. However, some Twitter users have flagged the post, saying that there is no scientific basis for earthquake predictions. According to a United States Geological Survey report, scientists have never really predicted such a large earthquake, but can only forecast the likelihood of a large earthquake striking a specific location during a specific time period. Hoogerbeets later clarified that the purple bands shown in the video are atmospheric fluctuations and do not indicate a rupture zone. He added that he is not an ‘oracle’, ‘mystic’ or ‘prophet’, and never gives exact dates for larger earthquakes. Currently, there is no accurate means to forecast when an event will occur in any specific region.

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