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Astronomers Discover Habitable Exoplanet Wolf 1069b

A team of international astronomers have announced the discovery of an exoplanet that is both eerily similar and close to Earth on a galactic scale. Wolf 1069b is about 1.26 times the mass of Earth and 1.08 times its size, located in the habitable zone of its host star, making it a potential home for alien life forms.

Astronomers Discover Habitable Exoplanet Wolf 1069b
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Astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet that they believe could be habitable for extraterrestrial life. The planet, named Wolf 1069b, orbits a red dwarf star 31 light-years from Earth and is located within the Milky Way galaxy. A year on this exoplanet is equivalent to nearly half a month on Earth. Wolf 1069b only receives about 65 percent of the incident radiant power of what the Earth receives from the Sun. One side of the planet is lit, while the other is perpetually dark. The exoplanet’s star-facing side likely has a temperature of roughly 13 degrees Celsius, making it hypothetically conducive to the emergence of alien life if the exoplanet is actually enshrouded in an alien atmosphere. Scientists are now looking forward to the completion of powerful next generation telescopes that can discover and analyze the atmospheres of distant exoplanets like this one, but unfortunately, that’s a decade or so away.

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