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Study Finds Meal Timing Does Not Affect Weight Loss

A recent study found that timing between the first and last meals did not affect weight loss. However, the calories and quantity of meals were more significant indicators of weight gain or loss than the time between meals. The study’s findings were published in the American Heart Association’s Journal.

Many weight loss programmes encourage dieting and other forms of fasting as a method to get fitter. A study looked into the relationship between weight fluctuations and the time between meals, and included about 550 participants over the age of 18 from three health systems in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The research team developed the Daily24 smartphone app so that participants could track their eating, sleeping, and waking-up patterns in real time for each 24-hour cycle. The results of the study showed that meal frequency and total caloric intake were more significant factors that affected weight change than meal timing, however, no direct cause-and-effect relationship could be established.

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