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Ajay Bhupathi Set To Direct His Third Movie

Director Ajay Bhupathi is set to direct his third movie after his directorial debut RX 100 and the unsuccessful Mahasamudram. The title and other updates of the movie will be revealed soon and will be produced by Mudra Media Works in association with A Creative Works.

Ajay Bhupathi made a staggering directorial debut in Telugu cinema with RX 100. The film astonished one and all with its bold and intense content and has become a huge blockbuster at the ticket windows. RX 100 has thus gave huge fame to Ajay Bhupathi.
But the director’s next film Mahasamudram starring Sharwanand and Siddarth wasn’t successful in attracting viewers.
Now Ajay Bhupathi is all set to direct his third movie, which will be a new-age genre film. It will be produced by Mudra Media Works in association with A Creative Works as production no 1. The title and other updates of the movie will be unveiled soon. The film is expected to be a unique and bold concept exploring a new side of cinema.
The project is yet to go on floors and the cast and crew details are yet to be finalized. Ajay Bhupathi is known for his intense and bold approach to filmmaking and fans are expecting something new and interesting from him this time. The director has made quite a name for himself and this upcoming project will be a great opportunity for him to prove his worth.
Ajay Bhupathi has been on a roll since the success of RX 100 and will be looking to make a strong comeback with this upcoming project. The title and other details of the movie will be revealed soon and fans are eagerly waiting to find out what the director has in store this time.

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